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Join the growing list of Merchants and service providers across the country, offering qaulity and valuable products and services to millions of customers.


OUR VISION: To become the leading innovative business and financial support provider for SMEs and low-income earners in Africa by the year 2024.

Business SupportQuick Credits

Micro Business Support

Our Business Support Program is focused on supporting local traders, micro and small businesses by providing them easy access to innovative technologies and quick business support funding.

Biz DevelopmentYouth Empowerment

Entrepreneurship Development

Our entrepreneurship development engagements is provinding the neccessary technology tool-kits to support young African entrepreneurs. We believe that support for Young entreprenuers in Africa, is a support for Africa's economic growth.

Family SupportQuick Credit

Personal & Family Support

Ever been in a situation where you needed to borrow money from colleagues or friends but you end up as topic for gossip?
Not anymore! Assist.NG provides a flexible quick credit to meet your needs from the comfort of your home.

Calculate Your Revenue and Profit

Always know your figures, quickly calculate the unit price, revenue & profit of your products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01.Who we are

What is Assist.NG all about?

Assist.NG is a Financial technology company that provides E-commerce and Payment services to micro, small businesses and services in Africa with cutting-edge technologies and innovations to help them grow.

02.Account Registrations

Do I need a physical store before I can register my business
and services on Assist.NG?

No, You don’t need to have a physical store before you can list your
business on Assist.NG. All you need is a verifiable product or services. We have provided all the necessary tools needed to get your business running, plus an online store with your business name on it for customers to easily locate your products and services.

03.Payments & Debt Management

How does Assist.NG Debt management help my business?

Any customer with a low wallet balance can easily access a quick credit from Assist to complete their transactions,
this ensures that your business is debtor free while recording 100% payment collection for your products and services.

04.Quick Credit

Why was I offered less Quick credit than I applied for?

Your debt-to-income ratio may not be able to accommodate your quick credit request. So we made an offer that makes repayment convenient for you.

Customer Stories

OUR MISSION: To passionately deliver unrivaled products/services and financial comfort to our users at all times.


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