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01.Who we are

What is AssistPay all about?

AssistPay is a Financial technology company that provides E-commerce and
Payment services to micro, small businesses and services in Africa with
cutting-edge technologies and innovations to help them grow.

02.Account Registrations

Who can register on AssistPay?

Anyone can register on Assist, whether you own a business, a service provider, or you
are looking for a secured and reliable platform to buy products and services.

03.Account Registrations

Do I need a physical store before I can register my business
and services on AssistPay?

No, You don’t need to have a physical store before you can list your
business on AssistPay. All you need is a verifiable product or services.
We have provided all the necessary tools needed to get your business running,
plus an online store with your business name on it for customers
to easily locate your products and services.

04.Quick Credit

Am I eligible for Quick Credit?

To qualify for a Quick Credit, you must be:
A verified user on AssistPay,
Have a verifiable source of income,
Have a bank account with any commercial banks.

05.Account Verifications

Why do I need my account verified?

The security of our users is paramount, therefore every business
will have to present
proof of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC.
Businesses and Services providers without CAC registration will have to provide legal documents of the business owner(s).

06.Quick Credit

What documents do I need to get a Quick Credit?

All you need to do is complete your account verification and then
authenticate your bank account with the service, it's as simple as that.

07.Quick Credit

Why was I offered less quick Credit than I
applied for?

Your debt-to-income ratio may not be able to accommodate your credit request. So we made an offer that makes repayment convenient for you.

08.Quick Credit

How do I pay back the Quick Credit extended to me?

AssistPay applys Auto-debit for all Quick Credits. Auto-debit allows you to easily repay your Credits with no stress.
Your bank will ask you to authorize AssistPay to debit your account when the repayment is due.

09.Payments & Debt Management

How does the Debt management help my business?

Any customers with a low wallet balance can easily access a Quick Credit
from us to complete their transactions, this ensures that your business is debtor free while recording 100% payment collection for your products and services.

10.Payments & Debt Management

What is the daily withdraw limit from my wallet?

There's No withdraw limit, as a user or a business on AssistPay you have total control of your money, so you are free to withdraw all your money any time you wish.

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